The Pit

During final examination period, the PIT is open to all students who want to use it for a quiet study location. It is open from 9 pm to 6 am for studying during final exams. A card swipe is not required to enter during these hours during exams. Some snacks will be available, but general food service is not available during these study times.

For Fall, 2013, the Pit will open for final exam studying from December 4 to December 13.

Use of this space is a privilege. Students who abuse this privilege, create messes that they don’t clean up, or use the space for other activities besides quiet study will lose use privileges. We thank Aramark and Facilities staff for making the use of this space possible for students.


  • The privilege of this room is in accordance with the WFU honor code and any violations may result in discontinued use and other fines.
  • Magnolia Room should maintain a “ZSR library atrium-like” atmosphere.
  • Return all furniture to original location before you leave.
  • Throw all trash away.
  • Do not steal food nor take it back to your dorm.  Snacks are provided for your comfort and study convenience and should be consumed while in the Pit studying.
  • Be respectful to all staff.