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Wake Forest is a Collegiate University, a community where faculty and students habitually cross the boundaries of their particular disciplines, schools, and programs to engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary work. We teach one another–students, college faculty–because we are small enough to know one another, excited by our research and our teaching; we are members of a community that prizes collaboration and appreciates difference.

The College embraces the teacher-scholar ideal and values, above all else, student-faculty engagement. Personal interaction and intellectual exchange between students and faculty make Wake Forest a place where exceptional teaching, fundamental research and discovery, and the engagement of faculty and students in and outside the classroom and the laboratory are paramount.

First class undergraduate education is the central mission of the College. At Wake Forest, we are committed to ensuring an education worthy of our motto of Pro Humanitate: students are given the guidance and opportunity to deploy their learning in the service of others, and in the pursuit of leading lives of meaning and purpose. Wake Forest College offers students and faculty alike a unique educational experience where the liberal arts flourish within a community that emphasizes teaching and scholarship, collaboration and community, creativity, integrity, and public engagement.


The liberal arts college of Wake Forest University where students explore and integrate the humanities, sciences and fine arts


Wake Forest College
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