The Open Curriculum Program

The Open Curriculum is a program designed to enable students to develop their own programs of study with the guidance of faculty advisers. It provides students with an opportunity to pursue a course of study more compatible with individual background, preparation and interest than is afforded by the regular lower division curriculum. The program is intended to help students obtain a broad liberal arts training, but with more freedom of choice than is allowed with the current divisional structure. Open curriculum is not designed to allow students to fulfill graduation requirements early or to facilitate multiple majors. Also, Open curriculum should not be confused with independent study or as a way to design a major. Generally, Open Curriculum students are motivated students who wish to have some added flexibility in planning their course work to develop their particular strengths and interests.

Specifically, the Open Curriculum program has often been used to allow the substitution of honors, other advanced courses and overseas experiences for lower divisional requirements. The program also allows students to subtly reduce the number of divisional courses, or take courses that more loosely fulfill the divisional requirements. Admission to the program is restricted to motivated, mature students who have special talents, interests or goals, and whose academic records reflect evidence of achievement and responsibility. You may apply at any time during your college career. Applications are considered once each semester and they should be submitted by October 1st or March 1st to the chair of the open curriculum committee.

Download an Application
This application is in PDF format and requires Acrobat Reader. Includes required recommendation form.

Dr. Barry Maine
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Dept. of English,
Box 7387
Wake Forest University
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