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Appropriate grade level: K-10
Subjects: Art
Time required: 1 class period
Hawai`i Performance Standard:
Art: Create (a portfolio of) drawings ... as exploration of media and processes,
                 records of observation, and developing self-expression.
Materials: soft-leaded pencils, outline of albatross head, photo of Laysan albatross.
Objectives: Students shall practice shading techniques by drawing in features, especially the eye shadow, of a Laysan albatross.

1. Using photographs on the Albatross Website (check links on the Hawaii Study page), point out and have students carefully observe the beautifully shaded eye shadow of Laysan and black-footed albatrosses. The coloration might help to reduce glare over the ocean, like when baseball players put black stuff under their eyes.   If you happen to live in Hawaii, you could do this at Kilauea Point Refuge!

2. Hand out to each student a copy of the outline of an albatross head, and preferably using soft-leaded pencils (#1 is best, or #2), ask the students to carefully shade in the eye shadow.  Use of eraser, rubbing with the fingertip, etc. will help to even out the shading.  Be careful not to smudge the rest of the image.  A black colored pencil could help to darken the darkest areas of the eye shadow.  Maybe some kids will have eye-shadow pencils that they can try.

3. Other features of the albatross head (e.g., curvature of the neck, bill, etc.) can also be lightly shaded to create a more three-dimensional look.

4. As students finish, have them show their work to the class and explain what techniques they used.  Students who are not satisfied with their first attempt, or who have not done a clean, quality piece of artwork should be given the opportunity to try again.

Extension: Students who are skilled with computer art software might try to accomplish the shading by computer rather than with a pencil.