Here are the movements of some of the birds that we have tracked so far.   If a bird has more than one trip shown, they are all drawn in the same color.   For example, 52B and 51C have three and two trips shown, respectively.  Both of those birds returned to the same place on sequential trips.   The data plotted here are from February to April, 1998.   Most of the trips shown are round trips.  If the trip doesn't show a return to Tern Island, then the bird is still out there as of today (7 April).  This is the case for trips of 51B and 52C.  32B, 50B, and 51C are black-footed albatrosses, and 52B, and 56B are Laysan albatrosses.  For more details on these birds click here.


The map above is shown in the Equirectangular Projection.

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