Return to the Galapagos Study

Flight Path
Female 6 returned from her first trip of about three weeks on May 23.  She then spent 20 days incubating her egg while her mate took his own trip.  How could she spend so much time at the nest without eating or drinking?  Check out Food Storing if you haven't already!

This bird provided us with two trips, and she went to the Peruvian coast on both trips (although on her first trip she had that strange "pre-trip").  We only have one other bird that gave two trips, Male 8, and he also went to the Peruvian coast on both trips.  Since these birds each went to the same place on both of their two trips, they give a suggestion that most birds keep going to the same place on most of their trips.  However, two birds giving the same result could be a coincidence, and we would like to have two or more trips from many more birds before drawing that conclusion.



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