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Flight Path
Male 8 and Female 5 were mates.  If you look at their trip dates you'll see that when one was at sea, the other was at the nest with their dear little egg most of the time.  Male 8 and Female 5 were both at their nest on April 23 when we were attaching transmitters to birds.   Male 8 left the next day and was gone for 21 days.  He spent  most of that time off the Peruvian coast, but for some reason we got only a few signals from him during that time.  For that reason, it looks like he didn't spend much time at the "foraging site", but really he did.

Male 8 returned to his nest on May 14, and off went Female 5.  For some reason that we don't know, Male 8 didn't wait for Female 5 to return before he left again.  Their egg was left alone for about two weeks.  This happens frequently in waved albatrosses, and a period that long without care must have been deadly for their egg.  



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