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How about some Pictures?  See the Tracking Satellite! 

Cool Graphics!

Albatrosses in Galápagos Islands
Kid Size, Albatross Size
How do Albatross guts work?
Dynamic soaring: no flapping!

Tools for tracking data

The Flight Distance Calculator
Maps for drawing flight paths
Pictures from the SeaStar satellite
Today's weather on Tern Island

The really important part: how to analyze tracking data !
& Ideas! Turn data into conclusions!
Get some DETAILS on each of our birds!

How to be an albatross   How kids can use satellites for fun and profit 
Take me to Tern Island!

TEACHERS!    Help for you    Join the Project!

Have you read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?
It's about what happens to people who mess with albatrosses.
And it's loooooooong.


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