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Department Chair
Associate Professor

Office: Anthropology Building
Phone: 336.758.5497
Email: thackep@wfu.edu

Research and Scholarly Activities

Dr. Paul Thacker (Ph.D., Southern Methodist University), an anthropological archaeologist, researches the human past through his ongoing fieldwork in the United States and western Europe. He teaches courses in prehistory and archaeological theory in addition to directing the archaeology laboratory and a summer archaeological field school at sites in North Carolina. Dr. Thacker emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of archaeology with interests in areas including geoarchaeology, spatial analysis, and the anthropology of hunter-gatherers. His current projects are geographically and chronologically diverse, ranging from the social organization of Upper Paleolithic hunter-gatherers in Portugal during the last ice age to the industrial landscapes of the Louisiana wetlands.

Teaching and Student Engagement


ANT 339 A – Culture and Nature

Department of Anthropology
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