Preparing for Graduate School


Students who are interested in pursuing graduate training in anthropology should begin obtaining information during the second semester of their junior year, because the application process begins at most schools as early as October of the senior year. The Department keeps a copy of the American Anthropological Association Guide to Departments of Anthropology (opens in a new window if javascript is enabled), in which anthropology programs and museums in the United States and Canada are listed and described. Students may borrow the Guide. The Department also maintains a current set of announcements from various programs and departments on the bulletin board in the Department lounge.

Department faculty members are important resources in selecting a graduate program. All faculty members have broad knowledge of anthropology graduate opportunities, and specific information concerning sub-field opportunities is best sought from:

Archaeology – Dr. Thacker and Dr. Jones

Applied Anthropology – Dr. Friederic

Cultural Anthropology – Drs. Bender, Folmar, Friederic,  Good

Linguistics – Dr. Bender

Physical Anthropology – Dr. Miller

Students should take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) early in the senior year so that scores will be available for submission with applications. Non-native speakers of English should take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) early in the senior year. Specific information concerning these tests is available from the office of the Dean of the Graduate School.

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