Methods Subfield Topics Area 
Museum Anthropology (305) Introduction to Linguistics (150) People and Cultures of the World (111)
Collections Management Practicum (307) Free Trade, Fair Trade: Independent Entrepreneurs in the Global Market (301) Tradition, Continuity, and Struggle: Mexico and Central America (313)
Artifact Analysis and Laboratory Methods in Archaeology (315) Archaeological Theory and Practice (308) People and Cultures of South Asia (334)
Development Wars:
Applying Anthropology (342)
Feminist Anthropology (329) Visualizing South Asia (335)
Human Osteology (368) Masculinities Across Cultures (331) Native Peoples of North America (358)
Conservation Archaeology (378) Anthropology of Gender (332) Old World Prehistory (370)
Anthropological Statistics (380) Language and Gender (333) Prehistory of North America (374)
Field Program in Anthropological Archaeology (381, 382) Myth, Ritual, and Symbolism (336) Archaeology of the Southeastern U.S. (376)
Field Program in Cultural Anthropology (383,384) Economic Anthropology (337) Ancestors, Indians, Immigrants: A Southwest Cultural Tapestry (377)
Ethnographic Research Methods (387) Culture and Nature (339)
Language, Indigeneity, and Globalization (350)
Language and Culture (355)
Evolution of Human Behavior (361)
Medical Anthropology (362)
Primitive Behavior and Biology (363)
Primate Evolutionary Biology (364)
Human Evolution (366)
Human Biological Diversity (367)
Special Problems Seminar (385,386)
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