Course Schedule

Spring 2018

Fall 2018
Course Schedule Fall 2018
95901111APeople and Cultures of the WorldTR9:30-10:45WINS 124Good
95902111BPeople and Cultures of the WorldTR11:00-12:15WINS 124Good
86287112 AIntroduction to ArchaeologyTR12:30-1:45WINS 124Jones
92630112 BIntroduction to ArchaeologyMWF9:00-9:50 WINS 124Thacker
95904112CIntroduction to ArchaeologyMWF10:00-10:50WINS 124Thacker
87223113 AIntro to Biological AnthropologyMWF9:00-9:50 CARS 019Miller
94740113 BIntro to Biological AnthropologyMWF10:00-10:50 CARS 019Miller
83126114 AIntro to Cultural AnthropologyTR9:30-10:45 CARS 019Friederic
83589114 BIntro to Cultural AnthropologyMWF11:00-11:50 WINS 124STAFF
93649114 CIntro to Cultural AnthropologyMWF12:00-12:50 WINS 124STAFF
94801114 DIntro to Cultural AnthropologyMWF1:00-1:50 WINS  124STAFF
84489150 AIntroduction to LinguisticsMWF11:00-11:50 CARS 019Bender
90286150 BIntroduction to LinguisticsMWF12:00-12:50 CARS 019Bender
95906190AIntroduction to Museum StudiesWF11:00-12:15CARS 018Gurstelle
95907315AArchaeology Lab MethodsMW2:00-3:15/W 4pmBANKSThacker
95908333 ALanguage and GenderWF2:00-3:15 WINS 124Bender
95909362AMedical AnthropologyTR11:00-12:15BANKSFolmar
95910385AChildhood and YouthTR12:30-1:45CARS 018Good
95968390 AStudent-Faculty SeminarTR2:00-3:15 CARS 018Jones
FYS Save the World in One ClickTR12:30-1:45BANKSFriederic
FYS Revolutionary War ArchaeologyMWF10:00-10:50CARS 018Gurstelle

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