Major in Anthropology – Requires a minimum of 33 hours and must include ANT 112, 113, 114, 340, 390, and one course from each of the following three groups: Methods, Subfield Topics, and Area. Students must also take the equivalent of three additional 3 hour courses toward the major. At least two of these must be in anthropology; the third may be from a related discipline as approved by the major advisor.

Minor in Anthropology – Requires 18 hours and must include: two of the following four anthropology (ANT) courses: 112 (archaeology); 113 (biological anthropology); 114 (cultural anthropology); and 150 (linguistics). A minimum of 12 hours in anthropology (with up to 6 hours credit from relevant course offerings of other departments, as approved by the minor advisor). A minimum of 6 hours at the 200-level or above.

Only one course (excluding ANT 112, 113, 114, 150) can be taken under the pass/fail option and used to meet minor requirements. Only 3 hours from ANT 398, 399 may be used toward the minor.
Only 3 hours from ANT 381, 382, 383, and 384 may be used to meet minor requirements and departmental permission must be obtained for minor credit in these courses. Within these guidelines and in consultation with the minor advisor, students may design minor programs with a variety of specific foci.

The following are just two examples of how an individual student might design his or her minor.  Specific course combinations will vary.

  • Traditional anthropology minor: ANT 112, 113, 114 plus three additional courses in anthropology;
  • Focus on human and cultural diversity: ANT 113, 114, Human Biological Diversity (ANT 367), Native Peoples of North America (ANT 358), Race and Ethnic Diversity in America (AES 151), African-American History (HST 240)
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