Professor Joel Tauber, Recent Projects
October 1, 2018  |  Related:

Associate Professor Joel Tauber’s new project, UNDERWATER, brings environmentalism, trance music, and mysticism together. In a 7-channel video installation that’s also an operatic disco, Tauber sings about pollution and global warming like a Jewish cantor on the Day of Atonement. Electronic dance music arises from depth readings taken from 40 of his scuba dives. 5 videos focus on what he finds underwater: pollution, death, nausea, a beautiful sea turtle, and swaying kelp… A 6th video shows him disappearing into a cloud of air bubbles; and a 7th video shows a visual map of his dives.

UNDERWATER premiered last spring at KOENIG2_byrobbygrief in Vienna. Here’s a link to the preview video and some images, here’s a link to a longer description of the show on the United Nation’s World Water Day website, and here’s a link to a story about it that aired on Radio ORF (the biggest radio station in Austria).

Another recent project of Joel Tauber’s, The Sharing Project, explores the meaning of sharing – a topic that Joel and his young son Zeke find incredibly complex and confusing. Experts in a wide range of disciplines offer their thoughts. Then, Joel and Zeke turn to the forgotten commune, Happyville (1905-1908), hoping that the landscape that had once inspired the Utopia Seekers, will also inspire them – reminding them that we’re all connected to the land, and therefore each other; and that sharing is an ideal worth striving for. The Sharing Project is an installation featuring 15 short films, 21 interviews, and a communal sculpture of shared objects. It’s also a series of written stories and a 29-minute movie.

The Sharing Project installation has been presented at the Adamski Gallery in Berlin; the University Art Museum, Cal State Long Beach; the Smith Gallery at Appalachian State University; and most recently (this summer) at the Aiken County Historical Museum. The written stories can be read on the Huffington Post. Here’s a link to the preview video, images, and description of the installation; here’s the movie trailer and info about the film; and here’s some media stories (including KCRW radio, Art Journal Open, Zitty Berlin Magazine, and a recent front page story in the Aiken Standard) about the project.