Professor David Finn, Scotland Lectures October 2018
October 1, 2018  |  Related:

Professor David Finn will be presenting two talks on his work in Scotland, the first is “Preface to ‘Shadow Citizens’” in which he will present his artwork and ideas on people who are living on the edge of society, many of whom he cast in Winston-Salem. The talk is the Duncan of Johnstone College of Art and Design at the University of Dundee, in Dundee, Scotland. Alumna Jan Johnson ’90 who teaches art there in the summer program was instrumental in setting up the talk. Finn will also speak in Edinburgh on the occasion of the Traveling Gallery’s 40th anniversary. His talk “Take the Traveling Gallery to the Big Tent” features an account of the workshops did in Scotland in the 1990s that influenced his work in Winston Salem with “Transforming Race” and “Big Tent”.