Lynne Johnson Travel Award

SCHOLARSHIPS: Lynne Johnson Travel Award

Brief History
During her brief teaching career at Wake Forest (2004-07), Lynne Johnson inspired students with her passionate devotion to the study of art history. In honor of Dr. Johnson, her husband and colleague Peter Brunette and others created the Lynne Johnson Travel Award. An Italian Renaissance scholar/teacher, Dr. Johnson believed deeply in the importance of experiencing works of art firsthand.

Purpose of the Fund
The purpose of the fund is to help students majoring or minoring in art history travel to see works of art firsthand through independent travel. It is not intended to be a supplement for other study abroad programs or to fund participation in group tours. There are no restrictions with regard to the location or type of works the student might like to see. It is not necessary to have a research project associated with the travel. It is expected that the travel award could be used over winter and spring breaks or during the summer.

Scholarship Terms
The Director of Financial Aid of the University, on the recommendation of the art history faculty to the Chair of the Department of Art, will award a travel stipend of up to $2500 a year. Candidates must have declared a major or minor in art history. Seniors should not apply because the intent is for students to share their experiences with the Wake Forest community on their return, e.g., a web-page attached to the art department page, an oral presentation, or an article in the alumni magazine or the Old Gold and Black. Financial need and merit will be considered in selecting award recipients.

To Apply
Students should send an application letter and budget to the Lynne Johnson Travel Award Committee, c/o the Art Department, by March 31. The application letter should be no more than two double-spaced pages in length and include the progress of your art history studies and the purpose of your travel plans.

Award Recipients

2008 Travel Award: Colleen Cagney

“The last two weeks have really opened my eyes to the beauty of European culture and identity. Initially, I thought that traveling by myself would be difficult, and there were definitely some challenges along the way, but it taught me a lot and I loved every minute of it.”

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2010 Travel Award: Laura Minton

“Brussels is much different from Bruges and Ghent but had a lot to offer and I had yet another wonderful day abroad!”

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2011 Travel Award: Katie Wolf

“Today I relived a little of my childhood in beautiful London. The British Film Institute was screening Disney’s Sleeping Beauty so there was no way I was going to pass that up.”

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2013 Travel Award: Katie Winokur

“For the Lynne Johnson Travel Award, I chose to go to Venice, and I also made day trips to Padua and Florence. While exploring the Venice, I had the privilege of seeing many of the Renaissance works in the city in addition to attending La Biennale di Venezia.”

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