Classical Languages (CLA)

The Classical Languages Department offers BA degrees in Classical Studies, Latin and Greek.

Educational Goal

We expect students to develop their ability to write and otherwise express themselves, their intellectual curiosity, and their skills at exploring and analyzing materials that have come down to us from the ancient world. Particularly in Classics courses, and in our collaborative efforts with other humanities departments, the place of the cultures of Greece and Rome in the development of general human culture in the West is to be studied and critically evaluated. Our goal is to develop in each student an understanding of human achievement across a broad range, of the continuity of culture and the breaks in that continuity, and of the specific influences of Greece and Rome on much of our artistic, literary and political heritage. While this tradition is best studied and maintained in the original languages, and we strive to increase the study of the languages by undergraduate students, we pursue the same goals in all courses.

Learning Outcomes for Students Earning the BA in Classical Studies, Latin or Greek.

Students earning degrees in the Classical Languages Department will:

  1. be competent in reading and understanding of Greek and Latin, with emphasis on linguistic analysis;
  2. acquire the cultural and historical background necessary for full appreciation of the meaning of Greek and Latin literary culture;
  3. learn about the literature, history, and civilization of the ancient Greeks and Romans with appreciation of the classical tradition in the culture of the western world and elsewhere.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Currently, learning outcomes are assessed individually in each class, through appropriate measures stated in the course syllabi.