Creative Writing (CRW)

Learning Outcomes for Students Earning a Minor in Creative Writing

  1. Understand the elements of craft for the genres studied (fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, playwriting, or screenwriting).
  2. Write critiques of peer work that are objective in language, craft-centered, and complex.
  3. Write short stories, poems, creative nonfiction essays, plays, or screenplays that are original and that avoid the common problems of their respective genres.
  4. Be familiar with contemporary examples of the genres studied.
  5. Be able to interpret feedback and implement it successfully in a story, poem, essay, play, or screenplay.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Currently,  learning outcomes are assessed individually in each class, through appropriate measures stated in the course syllabi.  In the fall of 2013, the faculty of the program will grow from one tenured/tenure-track faculty to two, at which point the faculty will be in a better position to discuss the creation of longer-term program assessment criteria, possibly in the form of student portfolios,  exit interviews before graduation, and/or faculty evaluation of  public readings of creative work by students graduating with the minor.