Health and Exercise Science (HES)

The Health and Exercise Department offers a BS degree in Health and Exercise Science.

Educational Goal

The Health and Exercise Science department’s learning goals for our majors are related primarily to preparing students for careers in the Health Professions. These include having a strong foundation in the science of health and behavior, i.e., anatomy, physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, health psychology and behavior, biostatistics, exercise physiology, epidemiology, and health assessment strategies. This is accomplished through our required curriculum. In addition, the majority of our majors garner experiential learning through research opportunities, internships, and externships. These are critical for success in achieving their career goals.

Learning Outcomes for Students Earning the BA in Health and Exercise Science

  1. Understand the biomechanical, nutritional, physiological and psychological principles that govern and influence human movement and health behavior.
  2. Understand the application of biomechanical, nutritional, physiological and psychological factors that contribute to disease prevention and treatment.
  3. Demonstrate and apply the knowledge and skills of research design, measurement and evaluation used in the fields of health and exercise science.
  4. Demonstrate reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking in the context of health and exercise science.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Currently, learning outcomes are assessed individually in each class through appropriate measures stated in the course syllabi. In addition, learning outcomes are assessed through lab reports, oral presentations in a number of major classes, reviews and discussion of research articles in various classes, presentations at scientific meetings, evaluations from internship and externship supervisors, exit surveys from graduating seniors, completion of protection of human subjects in research training program, and tracking the placement of students in graduate programs and careers.