Philosophy (PHI)

The Philosophy Department offers a BA degree Philosophy and a minor in Philosophy.

Educational Goal

The Philosophy Department aspires to provide students with a grounding in philosophical texts, ideas, techniques, and views – both those that have been prominent in the history of the subject and those that are of special importance in more recent philosophy. Acquiring such a grounding requires significant skills in critical thinking and analysis, which we accordingly also aspire to provide.

Learning Outcomes for all Students Earning either BA Degree or a Minor in Philosophy

Students who graduate with a major or minor in Philosophy will be able to:

  1. articulate ideas and arguments clearly and effectively;
  2. identify, interpret, and critically assess arguments, especially in philosophical texts;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the methods of inquiry commonly employed in philosophy;
  4. demonstrate an understanding of several significant philosophical questions, ideas, and traditions.

Additional Learning Outcomes Students Earning the BA Degree in Philosophy

Students who graduate with a major in Philosophy will be able to:

  1. construct, present, and evaluate substantive and complex philosophical arguments;
  2. demonstrate a general comprehension of several major periods and authors in the history of philosophy, including the ancient and modern periods;
  3. develop and evaluate interpretations of philosophical texts;
  4. engage critically with texts and topics in contemporary philosophy.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Currently, learning outcomes are assessed individually in each class, through appropriate measures stated in the course syllabi.