Romance Languages (ROM)

The Romance Languages Department offers BA degrees in Spanish and French Studies and minors in Spanish, French and Italian.

Educational Goal

It is policy in the Department of Romance Languages that all tenure track colleagues have an annual peer review of teaching, and that all non-tenure track colleagues undergo the same regardless of the length of their service. In addition, all colleagues are required to have students complete course evaluations for a minimum of 3 courses taught during the academic year. These collective evaluations provide important information about the teaching effectiveness of a given professor. To ascertain learning outcomes goals for students, colleagues regularly assess their work, according to the course level, with daily quizzes, periodic exams, presentations, and writing assignments. There have also been ongoing discussions among us and with the Education Department about the possibility of developing student portfolios as a viable means of assessing the academic progress of students as they move through the curriculum. We will also be working closely with the Education Department during the next years in their accreditation needs by providing the kinds of student documents that the state requires.

Core Learning Outcomes for Students Earning any BA degree or minor in the Romance Languages Department

  1. Language Proficiency: Students will communicate effectively in the target language in conversations, discussions, and presentations; read authentic texts of various types; and use appropriate grammar and vocabulary to develop organized, clear, and contextually appropriate compositions.
  2. Intercultural Competence: Students will develop intercultural attitudes and skills by engaging with communities and cultures of the target language. Students will recognize cultural commonalities and differences based on their own values and practices and those of other cultures. Students will develop the capability to respond effectively to those differences in a range of contexts.
  3. Critical Thinking and Skills Application: Students will think, read, and write critically and analytically about cultural and linguistic expressions from the target language communities using methods acquired in their coursework in Romance languages. Students will conduct research independently, assess relevant information, and make connections between related ideas.

Additional Learning Outcomes Students earning the BA degree in French Studies

Additional Learning Outcomes Students earning the BA degree in Spanish

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Currently, learning outcomes are assessed individually in each class, through appropriate measures stated in the course syllabi. Ongoing discussions include considering the use of student portfolios as a viable means of assessing the academic progress as students move through the curriculum.