Developmental Neuroscience: A Concise Introduction

S. E. Fahrbach, by S. Barbato June 2013

S. E. Fahrbach, by S. Barbato June 2013

Welcome! I am excited to offer a website to accompany my textbook. My goal is to share ideas on how students can learn to think like a developmental neuroscientist. I hope that students and instructors will find this website useful. I also hope that both students and instructors will interact with this website to extend and enhance their course experience. And, frankly, I also hope that my desire to keep this website fresh will motivate me to keep up with current literature no matter how busy the semester gets.
     This website is being maintained by the author (Susan Fahrbach), with assistance from her department’s Technology Guru (Jeff Muday). Visit the Princeton University Press page for this book ( for all of the official information you could possibly want, including downloadable versions of the book’s figures (click on the phrase Illustration Package beneath Shopping Cart to access).

Plastic bee brains

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Image for Plastic bee brains

My current research uses the honey bee as a model for the study of experience-induced structural plasticity in the adult brain. When they complete metamorphosis, honey bees spend a week or two performing tasks inside the hive before switching to foraging outside the hive for nectar and pollen. A region of Read more »

What’s happening on the cover?

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Developmental Neuroscience

I gave the cover design more thought than it probably required. Here are some of my considerations. In the end Princeton University Press took my ideas and very professionally turned them into a front cover that I find attractive. The back cover, of course, comes entirely from the marketing side Read more »