Ethylene & Auxin Crosstalk

Ethylene and auxin crosstalk that regulates root development and gravitropism

Induction of root hairs by ethylene precursor (ACC, left) and auxin (IAA, right)

 The individual roles of auxin and ethylene in controlling the growth and development of young seedlings have been well studied. In recent years, these two hormones have been shown to act synergistically to control specific growth and developmental processes, such as root elongation and root-hair formation, as well as antagonistically in other processes, such as lateral-root formation. We have examined the interactions between these two hormones in lateral root development and find that ethylene inhibits lateral root development through modulation of auxin transport in both Arabidopsis and tomato. We have examined the distinct and overlapping transcriptional networks which control the response of roots to these two hormones using time course transcriptomics. We have also examined the ability of these two hormones to modulate root gravitropism by controlling levels of flavonol antioxidants.


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