BioBook is a Novel E-Learning Tool

by on May 9, 2013

BioBook to bring new generation of e-learning

Daniel Johnson, creator of Biobook

Daniel Johnson, creator of Biobook

Wake Forest and Forsyth Tech work to bring novel e-learning tool to Biology 101

By WILL FERGUSON Office of Communications and External Relations

BioBook is an electronic learning tool that offers content in an unconventional way. Unlike the thick and convoluted textbook of old, BioBook is accessible by smart-phone, tablet or computer. Developed by Wake Forest researchers, it breaks down complex and lengthy topics into small, manageable chunks of knowledge that can be changed and updated as educators see fit. It also provides students instant access to multimedia from national research organizations such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in addition to traditional text, class lectures and practice quizzes.

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