Departmental Awards


The Carolina Biological Supply Company Research Award (cash prize and plaque) is given for the best undergraduate research project by a junior or senior major. The benefactor of this award is the Carolina Biological Supply Company, located in Burlington, NC.

Biology professors await the new graduates

Biology professors await the new graduates.

2004 recipient – Jonathan Holley
2005 recipient – Martha Bademan
2006 recipient – Kasee Metcalf
2007 recipient – Lauren Matise
2008 recipient – Clare Hector
2009 recipient – Yan Glenn Zhao
2010 recipient – Katherine Brogan
2010 recipient – Sean Miller
2011 recipient – Gregory Alberto
2012 recipient – Amy Liang
2013 recipient – Rebecca Perry
2014 recipient – Elise Madar

The Walter S. Flory Outstanding Student Award is given to a senior biology major and recognizes the outstanding service contributions to the Biology Department. This award is named for the late Walter S. Flory, who was the Charles H. Babcock Professor Emeritus of Biology. The awardee receives a cash prize and a plaque.

2004 recipient – Carolyn Krisel
2005 recipient – Hillary Wade
2006 recipient – Beth-Erin Springer
2007 recipient – Clayton Bauer
2008 recipient – Sharon Babcock
2009 recipient – Yankai Sun
2010 recipient – Teresa Tang
2011 recipient – Rebecca Harnish
2012 recipient – Leigh Cooper
2013 recipient – Andrea Perry
2013 recipient – Sara Feldman
2014 recipient – Nick Ashburn

The Elton C. Cocke Scholarship is a merit based scholarship that provides financial assistance to Wake Forest Undergraduate student(s) majoring in Biology. The recipient(s) is chosen on the basis of his/her outstanding academic ability by the undergraduate studies committee after receiving nominations from the faculty.

2004 recipient – Rebecca Cooke
2005 recipients – Leslie Short and Austin Stone
2006 recipient – Clayton Bauer
2007 recipient – Samantha Henertz
2007 recipient – Robin Schroeder
2008 recipient – Hampton Addis
2008 recipient – Yan (Glenn) Zhao
2009 recipient – Sam Ford
2010 recipient – Rebecca Harnish
2011 recipient – Rebecca Perry
2012 recipient – Rebecca Perry
2013 recipient – Elise Madar
2014 recipient – Matthew Tietbohl

The Elton C. Cocke Outstanding Graduate Student Award is given to a graduate student in the Department of Biology. It recognizes the outstanding contributions of a student in the areas of teaching, research and service to the Department of Biology. The recipient of this award is chosen by the graduate committee after receiving nominations from the faculty. The awardee receives a cash prize and a plaque.

2004 recipient – Brian Grimberg
2005 recipient – Constance Rogers-Lowery
2006 recipient – Daniel Johnson
2007 recipient – Jesse Barber
2008 recipient – Nicole M. Hughes
2009 recipient – Terri Maness
2010 recipient – Poornima Sukumar
2011 recipient – Adriana Sanchez
2012 recipient – Aaron Corcoran
2013 recipient – Jacquelyn Grace
2014 recipients – Z. Carter Berry and Michael Zimmermann

Honors in Biology Graduates write and defend a paper based on their original research. They are also required to maintain a minimum 3.3 gpa in biology (3.0 overall).

2004 Honors in Biology Graduates
Robert Anthony Barnitz
Cynthia Lee Gillikin
Jennifer Erin Litteral
David Andrew Lutz
Lance Anthony Warren

2005 Honors in Biology Graduates
Casey Beal
Michael Hicks
Austin Stone
Katherine Westmoreland
Mary Willems

2006 Honors in Biology Graduates
Matthew Scott Byrd
Ann-Marie Turner
Christopher Lough
Beth-Erin Springer
Kimberly Haustein

2007 Honors in Biology Graduates
Hugh Bender
Rashal Daker
Sinan Denny-Brown
Nicholas Garrett
Shane Hawksworth
Lauren Matise
David Zarkowsky

2008 Honors in Biology Graduates
William Rothwell
John Orman
Clare Hector
Erica Lunsford
Kristie Neeser

2009 Honors in Biology Graduates
Kristin Lohr
Carson Moseley
Yan Zhao
Dan Juneau

2010 Honors in Biology Graduates
Hampton Addis
Ryan Anderson
Christina Escobar
Cathryn Freund
Michael Goebel
Mallory Hackbarth
Laura Hover
Sean Miller
Rebecca Napoliello
Donald Serafin

2011 Honors in Biology Graduates
Gregory Alberto
Margot Brandt
Kayla Davis
Marcus Dillon
Joseph Hester
Ryan Hughes
Anne Nichols

2012 Honors in Biology Graduates
Elizabeth Cooper
Amir Rezayat
Molly Ronayne
Bradley Saitta
Emily Spurlin
Elizabeth Thomas

2013 Honors in Biology Graduates
Elizabeth Ales
Pamela Fazio
Krysta Frye
Max Messinger
Rebecca Perry
Matthew Sechler

2014 Honors in Biology Graduates
Olivia Campbell
Cole Crowson
Brandon Gaston
Alissa Guarnaccia
Sarah Hayward
Elise Madar
Erin Saner
Chris Zalesky