Cell and Molecular Biology

This focus group is formed of faculty and students interested in understanding biological systems at the macromolecular and cellular levels. Our research labs use a wide array of experimental organisms, including bacteria, plants, fungi, and animals. This breadth gives students many choices for thesis research topics.

The cell and molecular focus group faculty are wholly committed to a style of instruction emphasizing personalized, hands-on training. Our graduate seminar courses typically enroll fewer than 10 students.

One area of active research that connects Biology with other WFU departments is Molecular Signaling. Because faculty affiliated with the Cell and Molecular Focus Group offer courses covering biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell physiology, each student can design an individualized course of study. Additional advanced courses  are available through the affiliated Wake Forest medical center. Interested students may participate in an interdisciplinary track in Structural and Computational Biophysics.

P. Sukumar (PhD. 2011) checks samples (photo by Ken Bennett)

Prospective students are strongly encouraged to email, call, and/or visit individual faculty members of interest to explore opportunities for research leading to an MS or a PhD.