Integrative Plant Biology

photo credit Nils Haard

The members of the Integrative Plant Biology focal group study the form, function, evolution, and ecology of higher plants. Research interests include the molecular biology of development, the biochemistry and physiology of growth , physiological ecology, molecular systematics, and population, community, and landscape ecology. Interest in higher plants unifies the group and generates extensive and productive interactions among faculty and students.

Graduate seminar courses are offered each year by members of the group. These seminars explore advanced and emerging topics in various fields of plant biology and help students understand design of experiments and interpretation of results. Recent seminar topics include biogeography, advanced systematics, plantanimal interactions, and plant physiology.

Faculty welcome applications from potential graduate students interested in their ongoing research programs, as well as from applicants with related interests of their own. Please feel free to contact any of the Integrative Plant Biology faculty to discuss MS and PhD research.