Departmental Seminars

Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

Department of Biology, Wake Forest University


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Jan 14


  No Seminar
Jan 21


Erik Johnson


A sabbatical in Chile! A weird blend of science, commentary, and natural history of Chile
Jan 28


Jake Socha

Virginia Tech University

Host: Miriam Ashley-Ross

Gut check time: How insects produce internal flows using mechanical linkages
Feb 4


Bailey Green


Microbial ecology: how Nature recovers water, energy, and nutrients from liquid wastes
Feb 11


Adam Bjork

Centers for Disease Control

Host: Pat Lord

Public health on the front lines: Q fever, polio, Ebola, and more
Feb 18


Seongtae Kim

NC A&T State University

Host: Ke Zhang

Potential contribution of genetic markers in predicting prostate cancer risk
Feb 25


Klaus Hahn


Joint with Chemistry and CMCS


Engineering proteins for visualization and control of Rho family signaling networks in vivo
Mar 4


Michelle Barton

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Host: Ke Zhang


TRIM24: Unexpected functions of a histone reader


Mar 11


Spring Break
Mar 18


Emmanuel Mora

U. of Havana

Host: Bill Conner

Bat echolocation vs. moth hearing: tactics and countertactics discovered in the Caribbean
Mar 25



Tristan Stayton

Bucknell University

Host: Miriam Ashley-Ross

Biomechanics on the half shell: functional influences on the morphological diversification of turtle shells
Apr 1


Warren Porter

University of Wisconsin

Host: Miles Silman

Merging art and science to compute animal energetics, behavior, and distribution limits in the past, present and future
Apr 8



Apr 15


Monica Jenks


Hormone and flavonol regulation of mammalian metabolic signaling pathways
Apr 22



Rob Young

Western Carolina

Host: Miles Silman

Engineering ecosystems for storm protection at the coast: restoration or desperation?
April 29 Honors and Awards Day

Seminars are held at 4:00 PM in Winston Hall, Room 125

Refreshments at 3:45