Departmental Seminars

 Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule

January 19, Thurs Sarah McDonald, Virginia Tech, Carilion Research Institute Elucidating mechanisms of Rotavirus replication and evolution
January 23, Monday Loisa Liberman, Duke University Genetic and environmental regulation of plant growth and development
January 26, Thurs Rachel Roberts-Galbraith, U. of Illinois Off with their heads: using planarians to understand brain regeneration
February 6, Monday David Haak, Virginia Tech Evolutionary genomics of plant defense in wild tomatoes
February 20, Monday Andrew Clark, College of Charleston TBA
February 27, Monday Kristen Scott, U. of California, Berkeley FRONTIERS IN BIOLOGY:
Feeding decisions in Drosophila
March 20, Monday Stephen Pacala, Princeton U. FRONTIERS IN BIOLOGY:
The fate of the global carbon sink
April 3, Monday Marla Sokolowski, University of Toronto FRONTIERS IN BIOLOGY:
Unraveling gene-environment interplay in behavior
April 17, Monday Mary Jane Carmichael, WFU Biology Snags as straws? The search for novel pathways in the annual flux of methane to the atmosphere from wetland ecosystems
April 21, Friday
Special time: 2pm
Alena Drayton, WFU Biology The role of Elf1 in genome stability in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
April 24, Monday
Special time: 3pm
Justin Watkins, WFU Biology TBA
also April 24, Monday (4pm) Honors and Awards Day
May 1, Monday Nick Dowdy, WFU Biology  Aerial warfare between bats and moths: Efficacy of acoustic aposematism, flight behaviors of unpalatable prey, and two novel anti-bat strategies.

Seminars are held at 4:00 PM in Winston Hall