Departmental Seminars

Spring 2014 Seminar Schedule

Department of Biology, Wake Forest University

Jan 15    No Seminar
Jan 22  John Terborgh, Duke University, Host: Miles Silman Competition, predation, and diversity
Jan 29  Michael  Dailey University of Iowa, Host: Glen Marrs Imaging microglial responses to neural injury in developing mouse brain tissues
Feb 5  Cash McCall, WFU Medical School, Host: Ke Zhang Fueling inflammation: defend and mend, or die!
Feb 12  Craig Broderson, University of Florida, Host: Bill Smith Visualizing wood anatomy and xylem function in 3D: new insights into the structure and      function of plant vascular systems
Feb 19  John Poulsen, Duke University, Host: Miles Silman Determinants of aboveground biomass and structure of tropical forests in Gabon, Africa
Feb 26  Stephen Smith, University of Michigan, Host: Kathy Kron Next generation phylogenetics: understanding the Tree of Life with more data
Mar 5  Mike Travisano, Michigan State University, Host: Cliff Zeyl Experimental evolution of multicellularity with Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Mar 12    Spring Break
Mar 19  Yoonseung Park, Kansas State University, Host: Erik Johnson Evolution of the partnership between neuropeptides and their receptors
Mar 26   Paola Pedraza, NY Botanical Garden, Host: Kathy Kron  Exploring plant diversity in the neotropics at different scales, from floras to blueberry antioxidants
Apr 2  Ken Lohmann, UNC, Host: David Anderson Geomagnetic Navigation in Marine Animals
Apr 9   Les Kaufman, Boston University, Host: Miriam Ashley-Ross Taking a CHANS: Building a science of Coupled Human and Natural Systems, and how it just might help to save coral reefs
Apr 16  Jean-Christophe Domec, Duke University Convergence of the effect of root hydraulic functioning and root hydraulic redistribution on tree survival and ecosystem carbon balance across divergent forest ecosystems
Apr 23   Jacquelyn Grace, WFU Endocrine-mediated organizational effects on personality and stress in Nazca boobies
April 30   Honors and Awards Day

 Seminars are held at 4:00 PM in Winston Hall, Room 125

Refreshments at 3:45