Departmental Seminars

Fall 2014 Seminar Schedule

Department of Biology, Wake Forest University


(read more about each week’s seminar on the Chair’s Blog, Worth Turning Round)

Aug 28   Open
Sept 3 Nick Haddad

Host Miles Silman


How decades of habitat loss affects species to ecosystems
Sept 10 Terri Long


Host: Gloria Muday


Molecular mechanisms of iron sensing and response in plants

Cancelled – Sheena Gayomba from the WFU Department of Biology filled in

Sept 17 Pat Jodice

Clemson University

Host: Dave Anderson


Seabird ecology and conservation in the northwest Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico: insights from individual tracking
Sept 24 Katharina FoersterUniversity of TübingenHost: Dave Anderson


Quantitative genetic analysis of behavioral components of fitness in geese
Oct 1 TBA
Oct 8 Pat GrayUNCGHost: Wayne Silver


The music of Nature and the nature of music: considering structures of communicationsystems
Oct 15 Bruce KimballMonell Chemical SensesCenter

Host: Wayne Silver


Wildlife foraging: research at the interface of ecology, chemistry, and behavior
Oct 22 Dr. Amy LittNew York Botanical GardenHost: Kathy Kron


Oct 29 Jason HollidayVirginia Tech UniversityHost: Katie Lotterhos


Neutral and adaptive processes across the genome and range of black cottonwood(Populus trichocarpa)
Nov 5 Brooke FlammangNew Jersey Institute Tech.Hoist: Miriam Ashley-Ross


Not just for swimming: fish fins are flexible in function
Nov 12 Craig BrodersenYale UniversityHost: Bill Smith


Visualizing wood anatomy and xylem function in 3D: new insights into the structure andfunction of plant vascular systems
Nov 19 TBA  TBA
Nov 26 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 3 Warren BogerWFU  Regulation of meiosis-specific genes by a conserved DEAD-box helicase

Seminars are held at 4:00 PM in Winston Hall, Room 125

Refreshments at 3:45