Departmental Seminars

 Spring 2016 Seminar Schedule

Jan. 19, Tuesday Genevieve Kozak, Tufts University The evolutionary puzzle of assortative mating
Jan. 25, Monday James Pease, University of Michigan Genomics of species radiation: dynamic evolution histories of  mosquitoes and tomatoes
Jan. 28, Thursday Jeremy Yoder, Univ. British Columbia Using genomic data to identify and understand locally adapted genes
Feb 1, Monday Christina Zakas, New York University The genetic basis of evolutionary transitions in early development
Feb 15, Monday (Host: Erik Johnson) Marla Sokolowski, University of Toronto FRONTIERS IN BIOLOGY: Unravelling gene-environment interplay in behavior
Feb 29, Monday (Host: Miriam Ashley-Ross) Michael Coates, University of Chicago FRONTIERS IN BIOLOGY: Ancestors: New Views of Ancient Sharks
Mar 28, Monday Jessica Martin, WFU Biology Addressing instructional challenges identified by teaching assistants to improve outcomes for undergraduate students in an introductory biology lab
Apr 11, Monday (Host: Cliff Zeyl) Michael Lynch, Indiana University FRONTIERS IN BIOLOGY :Mutation, drift, and the origin of cellular features
Apr 18, Monday Daniel Griffith, WFU Biology Ecological and evolutionary drivers of species distributions in the grassy biome
Apr 20, Wednesday 4pm Ashton Trawinski, WFU Biology Characterizing ecdysteroid titer profiles and the functional role of
ecdysteroids in adult worker honey bees (Apis mellifera)
Apr 22, Friday 2pm  Kyle Luth, WFU Biology Molecular and ecological patterns of infection vary with scale for
centrarchid endohelminths
Apr 25, Monday 4pm, Kulynych Auditorium  Miles Silman, WFU Biology Poteat Lecture: Real-world sustainability and the future of Andean and Amazonian
Apr 26, Tuesday 4pm Honors and Awards Day
Apr 27, Wednesday 4pm  Albert Kim, WFU Biology Chemesthesis in the earthworm, Lumbricus terrestris: the search for trp

Seminars are held at 4:00 PM in Winston Hall