From one forest to another

by December 18, 2013
Max Messinger, graduate student and expert in research drones flys his "robot" on the WFU practice field

Several news agencies have published stories recently about unique research conducted by Max Messinger and Miles Silman in the Department of Biology. Dr. Silman’s group is making use of “flying robots” to photograph and measure data from the forest canopy.  Messinger is the local expert on how to turn these Read more »

Still Life vs Real Life

by November 18, 2013
Biology students examining paintings at the Reynolda House Museum of Art

Where Science meets Art, you will find Biologists! Biology professor Kathy Kron and the 11 students enrolled in her course Biology 105: Plants & People incorporate the study of plants and their stylized depiction in art. Students are given the chance to study excellent examples of artistic still life paintings Read more »

Deacon Profile: David Anderson

by November 11, 2013

The Old Gold and Black recently ran a short piece on Professor David J. Anderson.  Dr. Anderson answers questions about why he is at Wake Forest, what he enjoys about teaching, and some interesting facts from his prolific research career. Since 1982, I have been studying a population of seabirds Read more »

PIB November 8 and 9

by November 6, 2013
Evan DeLucia is the G. William Arends Professor of Biology and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The 28th annual Perspectives in Biology Symposium was held this Friday and Saturday (November 8 and 9, 2013).  The speakers included Amita Sehgal, U. Penn, Evan DeLucia, U. Illinois, and L. Patricia Hernandez from George Washington U. The speakers presented state of the art information on a diversity of topics, Read more »

Silman: Amazon rainforest is home to 16,000 tree species, estimate suggests

by October 22, 2013
Amazon rainforest picture

An article focusing on the work of Miles Silman and his collaborators work on species diversity in the Amazon Rainforest was featured in UK news resource The Guardian.  It references an important paper his group published in the journal, Science. Almost four hundred billion trees belonging to 16,000 different species Read more »