Aquatic Hunger Games

by August 31, 2015
burnette studies archerfish

The work of Ph.D. candidate Morgan Burnette and Professor Miriam Ashley-Ross was recently cited by the Wake Forest News Service in an article entitled “Aquatic Hunger Games” by Bonnie Davis. “The sharp-shooting fish’s ability to spit water to hit food targets has been well documented, but a new study published Read more »

Silman Speaks at Biochar Conference

by August 19, 2015
Image for Silman Speaks at Biochar Conference

Wake Forest Biology Professor Miles Silman, holder of the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation Chair in Conservation Biology, is one of the organizers and lead speakers at a workshop dedicated to the use of biochar as the basis of sustainable agriculture in Lima, Peru, held August 17-18, 2015. This workshop was co-organized by Read more »

Esch President-Elect of the ASP

by July 8, 2015
Image for Esch President-Elect of the ASP

Professor Gerald W. Esch is the new President-Elect of the American Society of Parasitologists (ASP). Esch assumed his new role, which includes serving as Chair of the Committee on Priorities and Planning, at the annual meeting of the ASP held in June 2015 in Omaha, Nebraska. President-Elect Esch will become Read more »

“When It’s Hip to Be Square”

by July 4, 2015
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Stop and think a moment about seahorse tails. Try to visualize one in your mind. Seahorse tails are prehensile, of course, and it’s easy to imagine a seahorse hanging on to whatever vegetation is handy  But if you’ve ever looked closely at one, you may have noted that that the plates Read more »

Honors in Biology

by July 1, 2015
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Thirteen Biology majors (count ’em!) graduated with Honors on May 18, 2015. In addition to maintaining a record of academic excellence, each Honors student is required to complete an original piece of research, write a thesis, and defend that thesis before a faculty committee. The titles of these theses indicate the Read more »