The Department of Biology at Wake Forest University is a diverse team of scientists, teachers, graduate students and undergraduates who investigate the processes of life at all levels, from the biosphere to the molecule. We are a full-spectrum biology department, and we value our collegial, interdisciplinary atmosphere. The department currently comprises 25 professors, 35 graduate students, and approximately 220 undergraduate Biology majors. Many additional students take our courses! Research is as central to our mission as teaching, with almost all majors joining faculty and graduate students outside of the classroom to study in our laboratories and at our field sites. Much of our research is supported by competitive grants, permitting ambitious approaches that prepare students for careers in research, the health professions, conservation, teaching, public policy, biotech, bioinformatics, and numerous other areas including bio-inspired entrepreneurship.

WFU Biology ranked 5th in the U.S. “for Biology General – Overall Best” and 8th in the U.S. “for a Major in Biology”

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Ebola: At Home & Abroad

by January 31, 2015
Image for Ebola: At Home & Abroad

Want to learn more about Ebola? Feel a need to put recent events into a broader context that includes biological, medical, legal, and ethical perspectives? All members of the community are invited to attend the Ebola: At Home & Abroad Symposium on the evenings of February 12 and 13, 2015, Read more »

Keeping Score

by January 27, 2015
Image for Keeping Score

This semester yet another Biology faculty member has achieved a significant career milestone. It is Professor Ron Dimock’s 90th semester of teaching at Wake Forest University. Congratulations, Ron! That’s a lot of years of sharing your passion for comparative physiology, invertebrates, and marine biology with Wake Forest students. But all Read more »

A Special EcoLunch

by January 25, 2015
Image for A Special EcoLunch

MA in Sustainability student and Wake Forest alum Scott McCullough shared a photograph taken at the Department of Biology’s EcoLunch on Thursday, January 22. From left to right: Amanda Leland, Vice President for Oceans, Environmental Defense Fund; Sylvia Earle, Pioneering Ocean Explorer, Mission Blue; and Nancy Knowlton, Sant Chair for Read more »

How Sweet It Is! WFU Grad Predicts a Bumper Crop of Maple Syrup in 2015

by January 15, 2015
Image for How Sweet It Is! WFU Grad Predicts a Bumper Crop of Maple Syrup in 2015

Dr. Joshua Rapp, former graduate student of Miles Silman in the WFU Department of Biology, has discovered a new predictor of maple sap flow: seed production the previous fall. The research paper was published in the journal Forest Ecology & Management, but if you love maple syrup you’ll want to Read more »

Esch Celebrates 100th Semester

by January 13, 2015
Image for Esch Celebrates 100th Semester

. When Professor Jerry Esch walked into 233 Winston Hall just before 11 AM on January 13 for his first meeting with his Spring 2015 Parasitology class, he achieved a career milestone of note: he began his 100th semester of teaching in the Department of Biology at Wake Forest University. Congratulations, Read more »