Biology Faculty at Graduation Exercises

David J. Anderson, Professor of Biology
Behavioral Ecology

T. Michael Anderson, Assistant Professor of Biology
Savanna & Grassland Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function

Diana Arnett, Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology
Microbiology and Biochemistry

Miriam Ashley-Ross, Associate Professor of Biology
Functional Morphology, Comparative Physiology, and Biomechanics

Robert A. Browne, Professor of Biology
Evolutionary Ecology

William E. ConnerLelia and David Farr Professor of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
Chemical Ecology; Bioacoustics; Entrepreneurship

James F. Curran, Professor of Biology
Molecular Biology

Ronald V. Dimock, Jr., Thurman D. Kitchin Professor of Biology
Invertebrate Zoology; Physiological Ecology

Gerald W. Esch, Charles M. Allen Professor of Biology
Ecological Parasitology

Herman E. Eure, Emeritus Professor of Biology

Susan E. Fahrbach, Reynolds Professor of Developmental Neuroscience and Chair
Neuroscience, Social Insects

Matthew J. Fuxjager, Assistant Professor of Biology
Hormones and Behavior, Vertebrate Physiology

Carole Gibson, Professor of Biology
Cell Biology, Allied Health Professions Advisor

F. Bailey Green,Research Professor and Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology
Sustainable Waste Water Treatment and Resource Recovery

A. Daniel Johnson, Associate Teaching Professor of Biology
Post–secondary Teaching Methods; Graduate Professional Development

Erik C. Johnson, Associate Professor of Biology
Neural Control of Physiology and Behavior; Molecular Biology; Biological Oscillators

Kathleen A. Kron, Professor of Biology
Molecular Systematics

Raymond E. Kuhn, William L. Poteat Professor of Biology

Katy Lack, Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology

Pat Lord, Associate Teaching Professor of Biology
Health Professions Advisor

Glen Marrs, Director of Microscopy Facility [link to facility website]

Anita K. McCauley, Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology
Neuroscience; Imaging

Gloria K. Muday, Professor of Biology and Director of Center for Molecular Communication and Signalling
Molecular Biology; Plant Biochemistry

Sabrina Setaro, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for BioBook
Evolution and Ecology of Fungi

Miles Silman, Professor of Biology, Bell Professorship, and Director of Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability
Community Ecology

Wayne L. Silver, Professor of Biology

William K. Smith, Charles H. Babcock Professor of Botany
Plant Physiology

Brian W. Tague, Associate Professor of Biology
Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology

Peter D. Weigl, Emeritus Professor of Biology
Vertebrate Ecology

Clifford W. Zeyl, Associate Professor of Biology
Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics

Ke Zhang, Assistant Professor of Biology
Epigenetics and Genomics