Gerald W. Esch

Middle Bluegill infected with blackspot

Charles M. Allen Professor of Biology

B.S., Colorado College (1958)
M.S., University of Oklahoma (1961)
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma (1963)

211 Winston Hall

Areas of Interest

Parasitology, Aquatic Biology


Over the years, my research interests have focused on host/parasite relationships in aquatic ecosystems. In general, these studies have centered on the population and community dynamics of parasitic helminths in both vertebrate and vertebrate hosts. In more recent times, our work has involved snail-trematode interactions in a small farm pond located near the Wake Forest University campus. Specificially, we have attempted to identify those facors which structure infra- and component trematode communities in two species of pulmonate snails. Our studies have also been aimed at relating these factors to the transmission dynamics of allogenic and autogenic species that infect these snails and their vertebrate definitive hosts in the pond. These efforts have employed standard field procedures as well as modern biochemical and molecular techniques in the laboratory.

Selected Publications

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