F. Bailey Green

Research Professor and Adjunct Associate Professor


  • University of California, Berkeley, M.S., Ph.D., Energy & Resources
  • Yale Divinity School, M.Div., Environmental Theology & Ethics
  • Wake Forest University, MA English

    F. Bailey Green, Ph.D. is a specialist in sustainable water technologies

    F. Bailey Green, Ph.D. is a specialist in sustainable water technologies

  • Wake Forest University, BA Religion & Economics

Research Focus

I am a public health scientist and process engineer involved in developing sustainable wastewater treatment and resource recovery technology. My primary objectives are to research, develop, and innovate engineered natural systems and deployment of the AIWPS(R) or Energy Ponds(TM) Technology; to provide sustainable, affordable, ecologically efficient wastewater treatment and resource recovery technologies and infrastructures.

Specialties: Advanced Integrated Wastewater Pond Systems and the AIWPS(R) Technology; methane fermentation; submerged biogas collection; CO2 biofixation, photosynthetic oxygenation; algal-bacterial symbiosis; microalgae growth, harvesting, dewatering, and utilization for biofuel or bioplastic production, animal & aquaculture feeds, and fertilizer; nutrient removal; chemical coagulation, bioflocculation and enhanced sedimentation; filtration; wastewater disinfection; water recycling; water-energy, water-climate & water-food interactions; desalination; and, potable water treatment.

Selected Publications

AJ Ward, DM Lewis, FB Green. 2014. Anaerobic digestion of algae biomass: A review; Algal Research, Volume 5, July 2014, Pages 204–214. (link)