Kathleen Kron

Epacris longiflora, an Australian heather


B.S. Michigan State University (1979)
M..S. Michigan State University (1982)
Ph.D. University of Florida (1987)

238 Winston Hall
(336) 758-5321

Areas of Interest

Structural Evolution of the Chloroplast Genome in Mycorrhizal and Insectivorous Ericales. Phylogenetic Systematics and Biogeography of Ericaceae (Rhododendron, Vaccinium and related tropical taxa, Gaultheria)  and Polygonaceae (buckwheat family). Monographic, revisionary and floristic treatments in Ericaceae.


My general area of research interest is the phylogenetic relationships of flowering plants. In my lab we use molecular and morphological data to study the evolution of members of the blueberry family (Ericaceae) and the buckwheat family (Polygonaceae).

Most recently we have begun a study of the evolution of the chloroplast genome structure across the order Ericales. This clade includes several groups with unusual or distinctive physiology. Clades such as Ericaceae contain groups with unique mycorrhizal forms and associations. Ericaceae also include non-chlorophyllous species. Other clades within the large order Ericales are insectivorous (e.g., pitcher plants; Sarraceniaceae). The comparison of the structure and gene content in 10 representatives of the Ericales indicates significant inversions, duplications, gene losses and changes in transcription direction, especially in those species with unusual mycorhizzae or insectivore. Other changes in chloroplast genome structure are coincident with floral developmental features that are not functionally related (directly).


Our previous work on Ericaceae has led to the first modern classification of the family that integrates information from DNA sequence data, morphology and anatomy. Some of the major phylogenetic and biogeographical findings made in my lab include: determining the placement of the Australian heathers (formerly Epacridaceae) as sister to the blueberry and wintergreen groups within Ericaceae, the temperate origin of tropical Vaccinium and relatives, a new clade of Neotropical blueberries (Andean Clade) with a unique mycorrhizal association, the diversification of South African heathers (Erica) from northern European ancestors and a Laurasian origin for the Ericaceae.

The results of studies in the Polygonaceae show that this herbaceous group of plants has striking patterns of parallel evolution in floral and vegetative features including the reduction of leaves to minute bracts and shifts in floral symmetry from complex (the ancestral state in the family) to simple. Our studies in this group have also revealed more biodiversity within the woody tropical members of the family than previously known, with 2 new genera described, Salta and Magoniella.  Using both molecular and morphology based analyses we have also developed the first modern (only monophyletic groups are named) classification of Polygonaceae, clarifying previously confused relationships.

At this time we are finishing a collaborative project on the wintergreen group (Gaultherieae) that includes the phylogeny and biogeography of several distinctive clades from the Old and New World tropics. The results of this study further support a Northern Hemisphere origin (Laurasia) for Ericaceae (tropical Gaultheria are derived from temperate ancestors) and highlight the role of hybridization as a factor in speciation in many of the Chinese species.

Students interested in Master’s or Doctoral studies in these (or other) groups are encouraged to contact me via email (kronka@wfu.edu).

Selected Publications

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