Gloria Muday

Gloria Muday, Professor of Biology

Professor of Biology

Director, Center for Molecular Communication and Signaling

B.S Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1984)
Ph.D. Purdue University (1989)
Postdoctoral Research, Sandoz Agro Inc. (1991)

41 Winston Hall
(336) 758-5316

Current Research Projects

Areas of Interest

Hormone physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology


The emphasis of research in the Muday lab is the understanding of the hormone signaling and action in two different systems. We are interested in the role of the plant hormone, auxin, in plant growth, development, and response to the environment and the mammalian adipokines, leptin and adiponectin, in control of lipid metabolism. We are interested in the biochemical mechanisms by which these hormones control growth and metabolism and we explore these questions using approaches including genetics, molecular biology, microscopy, and biochemistry. Our interests are not just in the hormonal signaling mechanisms, but also on the physiological consequences of the action of these hormones. We are interested in the role of auxin in controlling root and shoot branching and gravity response. The impact of leptin on metabolism and weight homeostasis as a function of age and gender are of particular interest.

Auxin transport: Auxins reach plant tissues by a unique cell to cell polar transport system. Auxin transport is carefully regulated to allow growth, development, and responses to light and gravity to be precisely controlled. The biochemical mechanisms of auxin transport and the role of transport in plant growth are one focus of research in the laboratory. We are particularly interested in the regulatory mechanisms that allow changes in auxin transport in response to light and gravity vectors in both the plant genetic model, Arabidopsis thaliana, and the crop model of tomato. The regulatory mechanisms of particular interest include phosphorylation signaling, synthesis of endogenous auxin transport inhibitors of the flavonoid class, and interactions between auxin and ethylene signaling.

Leptin signaling: Leptin is an adipokine, which is a signaling molecule secreted by adipocytes that regulates lipid metabolism and controls eating behavior. In most mammals, this hormone is at significantly higher levels in females. We are exploring the molecular mechanisms that lead to this sexual dimorphism and how aging and changing estrogen levels affect leptin levels. We are interested in how estrogen affects leptin synthesis and signaling including the abundance and localization of leptin receptors.

Selected Publications

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