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Location, Location, Location

by September 22, 2011

Just how many plant species are threatened by land development in the Amazon? Biology Professor Miles Silman and research Ken Feeley published a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the degree to which plant species are threatened is highly location dependent.  The article in Read more »

Tropical Plant Collections May Predicting Climate Impacts


Missing Pieces David Malakoff | January 27, 2011  | Conservation Magazine Sparse tropical plant collections complicate efforts to predict climate impacts Want to know if that Amazonian orchid you love so much is likely to survive a warming climate? Don’t hold your breath. Efforts to create models that predict how Read more »

Integrative Plant Biology

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The members of the Integrative Plant Biology focal group study the form, function, evolution, and ecology of higher plants. Research interests include the molecular biology of development, the biochemistry and physiology of growth , physiological ecology, molecular systematics, and population, community, and landscape ecology. Interest in higher plants unifies the Read more »

Ecology and Evolution

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The Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics Focus Group includes faculty with  expertise in population biology and evolution. Special strengths within this group include biogeography, life history evolution, phylogenetic systematics, conservation, evolutionary genetics, and Neotropical ecology. Graduate students have available to them experts in DNA sequencing, allozyme electrophoresis, multivariate statistics, mathematical modeling, Read more »