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Integrative Plant Biology

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The members of the Integrative Plant Biology (IPB) focal group study the form, function, evolution and ecology of higher plants. Research interests include the molecular biology of development (Tague), the biochemistry and physiology of growth (Muday), physiological ecology (Smith), molecular systematics (Kron), and population, community and landscape ecology (Silman/Anderson). Interest Read more »

Neuroscience and Behavior

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The Neuroscience and Behavior Focus Group includes faculty and graduate students broadly interested in organismal form and function.  Research interests within the focus group span a wide range of physiological and structural problems, but emphasize the mechanistic basis of behavior and physiological ecology.  A particular strength of the Read more »

Ecology and Evolution

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The Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics Focus Group includes a group of faculty with wide-ranging expertise in population biology and evolution. Special strengths within this group include overlapping faculty interests in biogeography, life history evolution, phylogenetic systematics, conservation biology, evolutionary genetics, Neotropical ecology, and aquatic ecology. Research emphases of the faculty Read more »

Cell and Molecular Biology

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  This focus group is formed of faculty and students interested in understanding biological systems at the macromolecular and cellular levels. Our research labs study many different processes using a wide array of experimental organisms, including bacteria, plants, fungi, and animals. This breadth gives students many choices for thesis research Read more »