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Wayne Silver

by January 30, 2013

Professor of Biology B.A. University of Pennsylvania (1974) Ph.D. Florida State University (1979) 15 Winston Hall (336) 758-5920 silver@wfu.edu Go to my lab page Areas of Interest Comparative Physiology of the Chemical Senses, Chemesthesis Research Our research interest is in the chemical senses: taste, smell, and chemesthesis. We currently focus on Read more »

Miriam Ashley-Ross

by January 25, 2013

Professor of Biology B.S., Northern Arizona University (1988) Ph.D., University of California, Irvine (1994) 008 Winston Hall (336) 758-5529 rossma@wfu.edu Areas of Interest Functional Morphology, Biomechanics, Comparative Physiology Research My lab is interested in the mechanistic basis of animal behavior. A variety of animal species from diverse groups serve as Read more »

Integrative Plant Biology

by December 15, 2010 » Add the first comment.

The members of the Integrative Plant Biology focal group study the form, function, evolution, and ecology of higher plants. Research interests include the molecular biology of development, the biochemistry and physiology of growth , physiological ecology, molecular systematics, and population, community, and landscape ecology. Interest in higher plants unifies the Read more »

Neuroscience and Behavior

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  The Neuroscience and Behavior Focus Group includes faculty interested in organismal form and function.  Research interests span a wide range of problems, but emphasize the mechanistic analysis of behavior.  A particular strength of the group is common faculty interest in neuroethology, the neural basis of naturally occurring animal behavior.  The Read more »