Graduate School and Health Professions Advising

Graduate School Advising

Students who are interested in attending graduate school after graduation from Wake Forest should see the Graduate School Advisor, Dr. Brian Tague, at

Health Professions Advising

The Health Professions Advisors, Dr. Pat Lord (Biology Department) and Dr. Carole Browne (Biology Department) assist health professions students with advice about course selection and academics, as well as volunteer and leadership opportunities to enhance successful application to the health professions school of his/her choice.  Dr. Lord advises primarily students interested in the health professions (medical, dental, veterinarian, optometry, podiatry) and Dr. Browne advises primarily students interested in the allied health sciences (physician’s assistant, physical therapy, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, public health).

Programs for students interested in medicine include orientation seminars for freshmen, transfer students, sophomores, and juniors.  Freshmen and transfer students need to ensure that their course selection leads to completing a selected number and type of science courses so that they will be ready to take the MCAT as second semester juniors.

Dr. Lord is chair of the Health Professions Committee. The committee has the task of assembling and assessing information about Wake Forest candidates for medical, dental, and veterinary schools so that a composite letter of evaluation may be prepared which is submited to the medical school and dental school admissions committees.  Candidates begin the process by logging on to the Health Professions Program web site ( and downloading the application packet.