Suggested Sequence for Biology Core Courses

Our core courses are at the 100 and 200 levels, and are intended for those intending to major in Biology, for minors, for those preparing for health professions careers, and for those wishing to satisfy Division V course requirements. All Biology majors (BS or BA) are required to take these four courses. Typically, the core courses will be taken in a student’s first four or five semesters. on campus

We recommend taking Biology 113 (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Biology 114 (Comparative Physiology) before moving on to the 200 level. A student may take BIO 113 first and BIO 114 second, or the reverse. The sequence in which you take these courses makes no difference.

Biology 213 (Genetics and Molecular Biology) and Biology 214 (Cellular Biology) likewise can be taken in either sequence.

All of the core courses are offered every semester and, occasionally, during a summer session.