Beginning of the fall semester

The fall semester is well underway in the College.  For the second year, we registered our first year students for their course schedule during the summer.  The Office of Academic Advising, led by Associate Dean Christy Buchanan, and Registrar staff, led by Registrar Harold Pace, worked closely together and in consultation with the first-year students to create an individualized fall course schedule for each student.  First year student course preferences were identified by a variety of methods, including course preference surveys, emails, and telephone conversations.  Facilitated by the Associate Dean of Academic Planning, Randy Rogan, many department chairs were able to add and adjust sections and seats to accommodate needs.  All first-year students had full-time schedules by the middle of August, at which point we were able to re-open registration to continuing students. The new wait list system then allowed remaining seats in classes to be filled from the wait lists.  In the end, only 2.5% of all Wake Forest students did not have full time schedules on the first day of class–fewer than ever in recent memory.  Thus, students and faculty were ready to hit the ground running with full schedules on the first day of class.  Congratulations to the Office of Academic Advising, the Registrar’s office, and the Associate Dean for Academic Planning for their teamwork and diligent efforts to efficiently and effectively identify full course schedules for all students!

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