Bravo to our 2013 Master of Arts in Counseling program’s graduating class

I am ever-so-proud of our Counseling program and the graduates of that program.  Ever since the Wake Forest Counseling Program became CACREP accredited in 1996, graduating students take a standardized exam, the National Counseling Exam, NCE, as part of becoming licensed counselors.  From 1996 through 2013, 100% of our counseling students who have taken the exam have passed it.

graduatesThe NCE is a major indicator of how well students are prepared for the counseling profession.  It is the test that aspiring professionals must pass in most states for licensure as a counselor.  It is also the national standard for certification as a National Certified Counselor (NCC) -a valued credential. This year’s Master of Arts in counseling program’s graduating class has scored, as an aggregate, a full standard deviation higher than graduates of other CACREP accredited programs. A minimum of 94 is needed to pass and the average score for our students was 131.2/160. What a wonderful performance for our graduates—we are proud of them!

We are also proud of the faculty and staff of the Department of Counseling, who are the teachers who produce these outstanding results.  We have taken a major step to offer the MA in Counseling through and online venue, in partnership with Embanet/Compass, which allows more students across the country access to our high quality professors and program.

Congratulations 2013 Master of Arts in Counseling program graduates, for scoring a full standard deviation higher than graduates of other CACREP accredited programs!

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