ACC-IAC Fellowships awarded to two Wake Forest students

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the ACC-IAC Creativity and Innovation Fellowships:  Kristiana Chan, a studio art major, and Anna Grace Tribble, an anthropology major!  Their projects are titled “Investigating Social Entrepreneurship, Female Empowerment, and the Power of Story in the Nepalese Himalayas,” and “Tuberculosis Education of Community Health Workers in Nepal.” The ACC-IAC Creativity […]

First in the Forest: The First Semester

This semester, our Wake Forest Scholars and Magnolia Scholars Office began the “First in the Forest” program for all first generation college students. Our program defines “first generation” as a student whose parents did not go to an American college or university.  Unlike the Magnolia Scholars Program, which only funds a limited number of scholarships for […]

Linking Medical Ethics and Biology: integrating teaching and learning across multiple disciplines

 (Carole Brown, Professor of Biology, and Ana Iltis, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Bioethics program, teamed up to teach a linked course this semester.  Linked courses “encourage integration of learning across courses and involve students with “big questions” that matter beyond the classroom”  (AAC&U LEAP initiative).  This blog is describes their experience this […]

My journey inside and outside of Wake Forest University

[Today’s blog features former alumni Caitlin Brez and now assistant professor in the Psychology Department at Indiana State University. She describes her experiences in Wake Forest’s Psychology Department and how it impacted her career. Thank you, Caitlin, for contributing your thoughts about Wake Forest. Many thanks to all the professors mentioned who mentored and taught […]

Wake Forest University Teacher Appreciation Week

I am sure you have been wondering why we have been featuring the #WFUTaughtMe banner on the College and on the CBoV web pages:  we have been celebrating Wake Forest’s ranking as number 11th in the nation in schools that value undergraduate teaching. To commemorate this outstanding achievement, the Office of the Dean, led by […]

International impact of Wake students and faculty working in Nepal

This past summer, one of our Assistant Professors in Anthropology, Dr. Steven Folmar, took a group of novice research anthropologists to the field.  The focus of the field trip was to validate psychological instruments they were using by introducing a standardized psychiatric examination, which they adapted to the cultural conditions of psychiatric phenomena in Nepal. […]

A look at Biology and Technical Writing

Sometimes our students help us forge interesting interdisciplinary collaborations; thus helping to shape our programs in new ways.  This summer, biology undergraduate Jessica Blackburn Martin used her Wake Forest Research Fellowship to explore ways that tutors in the Writing Center could help students learn to write in the sciences. The Biology Department features technical writing […]

Fall Academic Advising in the College


This week, the first meetings for students with their academic advisers began–either lower division faculty advisers, if the students are first years or sophomores, or major advisers, if the student is a junior or senior.  These are extremely important meetings.  Often, a student simply arrives and says “what should I take?” or arrives with a […]

Beginning of the fall semester

The fall semester is well underway in the College.  For the second year, we registered our first year students for their course schedule during the summer.  The Office of Academic Advising, led by Associate Dean Christy Buchanan, and Registrar staff, led by Registrar Harold Pace, worked closely together and in consultation with the first-year students […]

Students arrive on campus!

This past Friday was a wonderful day on campus–the new, excited and nervous students of the Wake Forest Class of 2016 arrived on campus.  We have a talented class of over 1200 first year students.  19% of these students are from North Carolina and 5% are children of alumni. 45 states are represented in our […]