In Defense of Liberal Arts: Reflections of a History Major

 (In October, the Wake Forest History Department, Winston-Salem State University, Old Salem Museum and Gardens, and the N.C. Office of Archives and History co-sponsored a conference:  “Lay My Burden Down”: Freedom and Legacies of the Civil War Conference.  This conference commemorated the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War in North Carolina.  Wake Forest history majors Jessica […]

Sustainability through Place Values

Students in Assistant Professor of English Judith Madera’s Literature and the Environment seminar (ENG 341G) class spent the fall semester exploring different sites of belonging through world literature and reflecting on the ways sustainability connects them to different communities of practice. Students considered the ways environments are composed through participation, and wrote about their relationships […]

First in the Forest: The First Semester

This semester, our Wake Forest Scholars and Magnolia Scholars Office began the “First in the Forest” program for all first generation college students. Our program defines “first generation” as a student whose parents did not go to an American college or university.  Unlike the Magnolia Scholars Program, which only funds a limited number of scholarships for […]

Linking Medical Ethics and Biology: integrating teaching and learning across multiple disciplines

 (Carole Brown, Professor of Biology, and Ana Iltis, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Bioethics program, teamed up to teach a linked course this semester.  Linked courses “encourage integration of learning across courses and involve students with “big questions” that matter beyond the classroom”  (AAC&U LEAP initiative).  This blog is describes their experience this […]

My journey inside and outside of Wake Forest University

[Today’s blog features former alumni Caitlin Brez and now assistant professor in the Psychology Department at Indiana State University. She describes her experiences in Wake Forest’s Psychology Department and how it impacted her career. Thank you, Caitlin, for contributing your thoughts about Wake Forest. Many thanks to all the professors mentioned who mentored and taught […]

Medical Care for the Future

For many, there is an anxiety that accompanies a visit to the doctor — a concern that the physician or PA will prescribe a treatment or offer advice without considering other factors in our lives that may affect our wellbeing. How many of us have had the experience of a doctor talking about numbers and […]

A look at Biology and Technical Writing

Sometimes our students help us forge interesting interdisciplinary collaborations; thus helping to shape our programs in new ways.  This summer, biology undergraduate Jessica Blackburn Martin used her Wake Forest Research Fellowship to explore ways that tutors in the Writing Center could help students learn to write in the sciences. The Biology Department features technical writing […]

Medicine and Art

Have you ever wondered if there is any correlation between fine arts and professional careers? I strongly believe that the arts are essential for the greatest success in professional careers. Art can help students think more creatively and “outside of the box.”  Indeed, in my own research laboratory, I find that the most creative students […]

The Living & Learning Community “Paris: From Department Stores to Mystery Stories”

I am really excited for this new first-year experience: a living and learning community linked to Professor Kendall Tarte’s First-Year Seminar (FYS 100), “Paris: From Department Stores to Mystery Stories.” This course is reserved for undergraduate women who are interested in participating in a unique learning community inside and outside the classroom. These students will […]

Faculty member’s art featured at the North Carolina Museum of Art

Wake Forest College offers students the opportunity to interact closely with our faculty, who are nationally and internationally known scholars and artists.  This national and international recognition comes in many forms.  In a few days, the work of one of our studio arts faculty, Page Laughlin (Art Department)  will be featured at the North Carolina Museum of […]