Faculty Participation in Undergraduate Research Day

20091201messier5486The Undergraduate REsearch and Creative Activities Center (URECA) is a great example of student-faculty collaborations, initiatives and close academic interactions. The center was established to promote undergraduate research and creative activity across Wake Forest College and also to provide venues for publicizing research results, while maintaining a record of undergraduate scholarly activity.

This year’s celebration of collaborative scholarship marked the 7th Annual Undergraduate Research Day.  This is the center’s most recognized event held annually on the Friday of Family Weekend. This past April, the URECA Center and the Wake Forest College were also hosts to the ACC-IAC Meeting of the Minds. Under their auspices, the URECA Center provides financial support for individual and mentored research program to undergraduate students and faculty mentors through the following:

A majority of our full time associate and assistant professors have mentored at least one Undergraduate Research Day project in the past three years. Since 2011, we have had 157 tenure-track faculty sponsors and co-sponsors, and according to the 2012-13 Fact book by Institutional Research, there were 306 full, associate and assistant professors in the College in the Fall of 2012. That is 157 out of 306 – a 51.3 percent participation rate. This is pretty impressive faculty participation in just three years.

I have talked about these remarkable URECA-sponsored researches and collaborations before in my blogs: Students and faculty forging interdisciplinary alliances in A look at Biology and Technical Writing; Working together on summer projects to improve quality of life in Students and faculty working together;  URECA Center presented to the Alumni Council.

Wake Forest promotes and fosters exceptional faculty-student engagement.  We are proud of the dedication of our faculty to the education and mentoring of our students. We take the teacher-scholars commitment seriously and thrive on the engagement with our students.

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