Pre-orientation and orientation activities

Welcome back to a new academic year!

The entire campus was really active during orientation this past weekend and our returning students are back in town. Wake Forest has many unique orientation and pre-orientation programs–Wake Forest College faculty are engaged in the many activities to help our new first year students adjust to life on campus.  I want to take a moment just to highlight two of those faculty: Professor Grant McAllister, chair of the German-Russian Department, offers a great pre-orientation program at the Flow House, in Vienna. Grant has developed and implemented an intellectually stimulating and culturally relevant program that takes advantage of our resources in Vienna. During this pre-orientation program, students become engrossed with the history and culture of Vienna and Austria.  Grant has created a pre-orientation program that embodies pro humanitate, and the mission of Wake Forest College. Another example is Professor Darlene May’s first year advising dinner on Sunday August 26.  For her dinner, Darlene offers a short walking tour of some downtown Winston-Salem sites like Lloyd Presbyterian and each stop includes a discussion of the background of Wake Forest and local history.  She includes major examples of some civic engagement by ordinary citizens, including a stop at the sit-in plaque (the location where, in early 1960, a group of Wake Forest students joined students from Winston-Salem State Teachers College at Woolworth’s to protest segregated lunch counters).  Darlene involves both her son who has been working as a community organizer for CHANGE and her Arabic teaching assistant from Egypt, who has a 1st-hand report of how it was to live through the Arab spring in Egypt (including days looking for her brother who did not come home from a peaceful demonstration–turned up badly beaten in a prison)–all of whom share their experiences with our new first year students.  This is, of course, followed by dinner for the group downtown. We all very much appreciate the time that the College faculty take to help our students be prepared for their academic journey at Wake Forest.

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