Students arrive on campus!

This past Friday was a wonderful day on campus–the new, excited and nervous students of the Wake Forest Class of 2016 arrived on campus.  We have a talented class of over 1200 first year students.  19% of these students are from North Carolina and 5% are children of alumni. 45 states are represented in our first year class.  5% of the students are from countries other than the United States.  25% of these first year students are of underrepresented minorities.  79% of our incoming students were in the top 10% of their high school graduating class, while 40% of them were from the top 5% of their class.  35 of them were valedictorians, 63 were student government president, 340 were sports captains, and 72 hold IB diplomas—we thank our Dean of Admissions, Martha Allman, for bringing us a diverse and talented first year class.  Over the weekend, we enjoyed many activities, including First Year Student Convocation and the many meetings and activities organized by the Committee on Orientation and Lower Division Advising.  The arrival of the new students always brings a new sense of excitement and joy to the campus–they bring the campus alive and remind us all why we are here.

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