Wake Forest receives 2014 Beckman Scholars Award

Last spring, Wake Forest was invited to apply for the Beckman Scholars Program, a program which recognizes outstanding undergraduate research students in chemistry and biological scHannah Martiniences.  A few weeks ago, Wake Forest was notified that it was one of twelve universities in the United States that have received the prestigious Beckman Scholars award. 

The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, which was founded in 1997, provides scholarships “to help stimulate, encourage, and support research activities by exceptionally talented undergraduate students at our nation’s colleges and universities; young people who will ultimately become prominent leaders in their scientific and professional pursuits.” Institutions that receive this $130,000 award must demonstrate a strong commitment to mentoring undergraduates in research.  This is exactly what our fabulous College faculty members do best.

Wake Forest is committed to quality undergraduate scholarly and creative work; thus, this award is an opportune honor that will help students achieve their career goals. The 20140423martin7103five outstanding students whom we identify to pursue a meaningful undergraduate research opportunity over the next three years will be first or second-year students at Wake Forest who are interested in research in the fields of biology, chemistry, or physics. These students will be among the top Wake Forest undergraduates and are passionate, devoted scholars who are also interested and invested in the sciences.  Beckman Scholars will have additional professional training and guidance toward their career goals. They will attend a national conference with other Beckman Scholars, thus increasing opportunities for networking within their fields.

20140423dinapoli7129Rebecca Alexander, chemistry professor and co-director of the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URECA) Center, chaired a selection committee to select the first of Wake Forest’s five Beckman Scholars. Two undergraduates were awarded the scholarship this summer – Hannah Martin, mentored by Assistant Professor Patricia Dos Santos of the department of Chemistry, and Kathleen Dinapoli, mentored by Professor Gloria Muday of the department of Biology.

Because so few schools have Beckman Scholars programs, and so few fellowships are funded at each school, it is quite a significant and prominent award for our students. And, it is an award that clearly recognizes our shared commitment to quality undergraduate research and education.

20140423dinapoli7121Congratulations to Rebecca Alexander and URECA, Linda Luvaas, leader of our Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations), and faculty in Biology, Chemistry and Physics who worked so hard on the grant application and contributed to the successful Beckman Scholars Program award!

Bravo to Kathleen and Hannah for being the recipients of the award!

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