Wake Forest University Teacher Appreciation Week

I am sure you have been wTAW blockondering why we have been featuring the #WFUTaughtMe banner on the College and on the CBoV web pages:  we have been celebrating Wake Forest’s ranking as number 11th in the nation in schools that value undergraduate teaching. To commemorate this outstanding achievement, the Office of the Dean, led by Lindsay Schneider, the College Wake Forest Fellow, and Senior Associate Dean of Faculty, Rebecca Thomas, partnered with the Volunteer Services Corps (VSC) for the 11 days of Teaching, event, which celebrated teaching at Wake Forest.

To celebrate the professors and teachers who make Wake Forest a community focused on the teaching and mentoring our students, we invited participation by encouraging all members of the Wake Forest community to reflect on the individuals who are helping, and have helped, shape their education and their future.  From October 15-25, members of the Wake Forest community were encouraged to email, tweet and instagram reflections on teaching at Wake Forest using the hashtag #WFUTaughtMe. We received 176 letters of appreciation and 137 tweets/instagrams and 2330 hits to the website. This is amazing! The 11 days ended with a festive event on Manchester Plaza for students, faculty, and staff.TAW9

In addition to using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, students and alumni submitted letters and stories about professors and classes that made a difference in their lives.

“…There are some professors who challenge their students to become better academics. You are the only professor I’ve had that challenged me not to be just a better student or a better writer, but a better human being…”

“…Thanks for being the most engaging and accessible mentor, professor, and scholar-activist on this campus. You care so much about your students and you have inspired me…”

…It is always encouraging to walk into your classroom and be greeted by a smile. It is so clear that you care about not only the academic growth of your students, but their growth as human beings as well…”

These are just a few of the many compliments and appreciative feedback that made me smile every week during our 11 days of celebration.Teacher Appreciation Week

Last month, the U.S. News and World Report’s 2014 Best Colleges guide ranked Wake Forest 23rd among 281 national universities — our highest ranking for the University. This is the fifth time the University has been ranked in the top 25. The guide also ranked Wake Forest 34th on its “Great Schools, Great Prices” list and 11th on its “Strong Commitment to Teaching list, hence the ‘11 days of Teaching Appreciation” social media campaign.

Wake Forest is a special place—I am very appreciative of the time and effort that faculty put into teaching and engaging students and encouraging them to pursue their dreams and their ideals!

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